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Hello, I am Carole.


Discover 4 steps to success to speak 'likeafrançais'.
Enjoy your daily dose of French with a positive attitude.



Conversation primarily involves understanding the other person.


A little grammar has never hurt anyone. 
I promise!


Rrrhhhhh it’s the first sound you will need to sound ‘likeafrançais’.


Eating & complaining ‘likeafrancais’ will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Love from my students !

My experience on Carole's French course which I attended in Lourdes in July 2023 was nothing short of exceptional. The program struck a perfect balance between structured classroom learning and immersive social experiences. Carole is a standout teacher and her passion for teaching and deep knowledge of the French language made each lesson engaging and insightful. In short, it was a truly enriching experience and exceeded my expectations and I'd highly recommend it to others to try!
Between London & Paris
Caleb Jeannie likeafrancais
Jeannie and I have been taking courses with Carole for 9 months. The highlight of our time working with Carole was the three-day immersive course we took in the Pyrenees. The activities we did were really amazing, and the trip was a good mix of relaxing and fun and lessons. The town and Airbnb we stayed in was great, and speaking French with Carole throughout the activities really made a massive difference in our French confidence and competence. Don't hesitate to spend your vacation with Carole, you will have fun and come away with much better French skills (and a belly full of cheese!).
Jeannie & Caleb
From SF to Toulouse
Kim likeafrancais
My husband, Scott and I had the pleasure of attending Carole’s French immersion program in the gorgeous Haute-Pyrenees, and it was a fantastic and memorable experience that I would highly recommend to those that seek to improve their French. The wonderful part of this program is that your learning French while experiencing the beauty of the region and experiencing the culture. Given the time and energy Carole puts into making sure the program is structured towards the desires of her students, as well as the value of the excursions and accommodations, you can rest assured that it is a great value for the money. 5 Stars is not enough!
Kim & Scott
Carole is such a wonderful French tutor. A native speaker of French and very proficient in English which is incredibly useful if want to know the direct translation of words and phrases. She has many resources at her disposal which aides greatly in her students overall exposer to the language. She truly cares about her students progress and goes the extra mile. I am very glad I found her.
An American woman 99% French
I recommend Carole because she works very professional. We have prepared a concept how to proceed the best way in French. She tries to challenge me to improve my skill level. Therefore we have already repeated grammar, improved my vocabulary and try to improve my conversational skill. She is patient and I can her any question regarding French language. I enjoy working together with her.
A German in love with France
jiayin profil
My daughter is 7 years old. She has been taking the course with Carole for more than two years. It is one of the things that she looks forward to every week. Here is what she wants to share about the course 🙂 “J’aime les cours de français parce que la maitresse est gentille et que elle sait beaucoup de choses et quand je pose une question elle répond. J’aime aussi les cours parce qu'il y a des jeux, des vidéos, des films, des exercises et on a fait des crêpes une fois. J’espère que si vous décidez d'avoir des cours vous les aimerez.”
9 years old & trilingual
Bryan likeafrancais
Carole est plus qu’une professeure; c’est une amie pour votre voyage linguistic en français. Elle vous rencontre toujours là où vous êtes et vous aide à poursuivre vos objectifs linguistiques. C'est un vrai plaisir d'étudier avec Carole!
US International Development Worker
avis meredith likeafrancais
Carole is a great French teacher. Her approach is friendly and open which makes me feel comfortable conversing in French. At the same time as making the classes enjoyable, Carole explains grammar points clearly, and suggests great resources that are helpful too. I would definitely recommend her!
Bilingual Australian woman
Scott profil
Carole does a great job as a French prof and helps keep me focused where I’m having issues. As someone who travels to France a lot my main goal is improving conversational French and I have no doubt she is helping me and also has a lot of resources to recommend. Carole is also nice and encouraging, so I’d definitely recommend her.
Expat soon
avis emanuela likafrancais
Carole is great to work with. She makes me feel very comfortable when I am speaking French and is great at giving me constructive criticism. She sends you all the corrections in writing so you can look back at them later. Her accent is great too! Very neutral and easy to understand. Thanks Carole for your help!
A perpetual Italian traveler
avis tamy likeafrancais
Carole is the best French teacher someone could ask for. Pacient, competent, funny... She adapts very fast to your needs and brings the best out of it. You know when someone is good and you are having fun when time goes really fast and suddently the class is done. That's every class and I can only recommend Carole as your teacher.
Brazilian girl living in Belgium
naomie avis likeafrancais
Carole is a very friendly person. The lessons with Carole made me feel more comfortable to speak in French. She is always patient giving me time to try saying what I want to say, and then correct any mistake. She adapts to your needs and brings up subjects suited for your situation, location, etc. And it's just very fun and interesting to learn about her trip around the world!
Japanese in Canada
avis jen likeafrancais
Carole is a fabulous teacher who can narrow down on what you need to learn, and make it fun - rather than all work. Run, don’t walk, to book with her.
In love with a French guy
avis scott likeafrancais
Carole is a very kind teacher and woman with great personality!I felt comfortable during our lesson!She can listen,correct your mistakes in gentle way,and give you advice!I am so happy having met her!and I'm ready to continue our french lessons!Thank you Carole!
American tourist
laura avis likeafrancais
Carole is wonderful. I have really enjoyed the pace of the lessons and she is incredibly helpful with correcting my pronunciation. I also love the materials she uses- they are very clear and succinct. Above all, though, Carole is a lovely person to learn with and is friendly, genuine, and engaged.
English girl dreaming of living in France
monica avis likeafrancais
I am so glad that my girl found Carole to be her French teacher. My girl doesn't know French at all. Carole managed to make her engaged in every lesson. She made it fun to learn. She is extremely patience on my girl. My girl is willing to wake up early to take the class. That means a lot to me. And she also wrote down all the French words and phrases with translation for my girl to study and remember. I highly recommend Carole.
Korean mom

4 steps to get started

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Learning a new language is a source of per

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Whether you need French for personal or professional reasons, whether you're a beginner or an expert, I'm here!

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Make the decision to learn
It's the most difficult step. Once taken, you've completed 50% of the journey.
Find some time
Even if you only dedicate 5 minutes to French each day outside of our lessons, it's already a plus. To improve quickly, you have to think, dream, and eat French!
Commit yourself
Learning a language is a commitment; you should see it as a sport! Consider me as your coach.
No matter why you're learning French: it's above all a life experience that leads to the discovery of others, of a new culture. It's a 100% positive adventure!




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